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Patient patient

     Yesterday while I was out of town, I called my doctor's office to have two of my prescriptions called in to the pharmacy I use. I knew I would be back in town in time to pick them up and take them. One of said medications is for migraines. After the amount of driving and everything I wasn't feeling my particular best. That and trying to read my text book on my girlfriends laptop is not fun. Plus I knew I still had more to do. It's been a pretty busy week. I've spent  more time driving than I usually do in a month. I'm getting off track though. I called, told the receptionists which medications I needed refilled. My migraine medication and the medication for RLS he has me on. I asked if they would probably be in by about 2:30 or 3 pm, around the time I knew I'd be arriving back in town. She said they should be. Ok, no problem. At least I thought so at first. I put it in the back of my mind and went back about my day and my studying and visiting and other fun stuff. Well not all necessarily fun. I returned to town and stopped in at the pharmacy to discover....there's nothing there. Ok, this sometimes happens, it could have been a busy day. Mind you this happened once to me before and it took over a week to get my medication and my doctor was pissed his nurse didn't get it taken care of quicker. So, I didn't stress. I got home, called the office and she brought it up and told me that the nurse hadn't gotten to it yet and to check back at my pharmacy after 5, and it should be there. Ok, no problem. A little aggravated but no big deal. Around seven pm I called the pharmacy back, still nothing. Now I'm getting a bit stressed and worried. I knew I had class in a few hours so I wasn't going to let anything interfere with that. Mother nature had other plans though and thanks to a bad connection I couldn't hear anything in class so I'm hoping to watch the recording later. 
      This morning I get up, get Phoenyx up and off to school and decided to lay down and rest for awhile. I get up and take care of some running and cleaning and figure I'll check the pharmacy. Thinking maybe that they got to it this morning I called only to find out, nothing is there at all. Now I'm aggravated and stressed out. I shouldn't let my medications run completely out but things happen and I had been doing good with just ibuprofen. Shit happens though. That and RLS makes trying to sleep some times a pain in the ass. I call the doctor's office, to try and figure out what went on. The receptionist looked it up and tells me, you'll love this, "Oh, she just hasn't gotten to it yet apparently." What the fuck people?!?! I know that there are important things to take care of and I don't claim to be a priority or anything like that but still, it shouldn't take 24 hours to do. The receptionist said she'd send it back in to my doctor and try and get it taken care of and that if I don't hear from them, to check my pharmacy after 5. I try to have patience as best I can but I started thinking, what if this would have been like a life dependant medication. It wasn't my blood pressure meds or anyone, but what if it was someone needing nitroglycerin or digitalis or insulin or something like that. Sometimes people just get lost in the shuffle and don't get their stuff refilled on time. When I run out of refills on a med I need, my doctor said just call, he'll make sure it gets done. 
       After dropping the girlfriend off at work, I stopped in and thankfully they were done. I told the girl what had happened and she uses the same doctor I do. She told me that at one point she ended up waiting three days for a prescription to get called in for one of her daily medications. I don't know what it was but I hope it wasn't anything life dependant. Ok, that's my weekly venting. I was just aggravated, but thankfully it got done. Now, I can get back to my studying and schoolwork and then call it a night. Thank you :)
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omg i hate that so much. i've had scrips called into the wrong place and gone to the right one where they have no idea about my scrip, had them never bother to tell me they filled the scrip so it was sitting there waiting and i never knew, and had to deal with the calling back and forth. ugh.
granted i'm not the best person at taking my dailies (i forget a LOT) but it makes it even worse when my levels are off because of that kind of crap. :(
sorry about your whole ordeal. its so frustrating :O hope studying went well!
I used to be really bad at remembering to take my daily blood pressure medications. I've got myself into a pattern and on a schedule now so it's a lot easier. The scheduling didn't get done completely thanks to my head pounding but it's getting there. Thank you :)