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I wish I could say things are moving faster than they are, but they aren't. We are making progress though. The other bookshelf is up and have unloaded four crates into it, which leaves not only room in the bookshelf for organizing but more room in our closet now. Slowly we are getting there. We have matching nightstands and lamps lol. It's really starting to look and feel like "home" and I couldn't be happier. Our room is starting to feel like a couples room should feel. Tomorrow is catch up day and homework day for Precalculus. The class is royally kicking my butt.
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Four crates of books? o.0 My boyfriend would be envious. When we get a house in the future, he wants to start his own library. He is such a book worm.

Good luck with the homework! Gotta stay on top of it. =D -hug- Just hang in there and you'll push through.
The four crates of books were just part of the books. They stayed packed mostly because we didn't have room in the one bookshelf for them, so I bought another one. Having the cabinet space and the curios and such really helps as far as getting things out and organized. We can have the ps2 games, 360 games, wii games and all that each in their own spot and not taking up bookshelf space and everything. Most of the books in the new bookshelf are all gaming books for various RPG's but that's fine because my son and my girlfriend both enjoy playing them. Gives us something to do since we're too broke to go out on the town. Also makes for a nice afternoon if it's raining. All three of us tend to be bookworms here. We are all avid readers. Phoenyx ha two smaller bookshelves in his room, one of which is almost full. Tell your boyfriend he has a good idea. I'd love to have a room to turn in to a library. Thanks for the well wishes, I'm trying to stay on top of it. We have midterms next week. So not looking forward to it. ~hugz~