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Lost in Exile

Falling down the Spiral


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80's, 80s movies, afi, alien sex fiend, aliester crowley, alkaline trio, anime, anti-bush, apb, arcane lore, art, assemblage 23, astrology, bad religion, battle angel alita, bauhaus, bigod20, blutengel, books, boondock saints, candles, carcrash international, clove cigarettes, coil, computers, concerts, covenant, crass, cruxshadows, current 93, cyberpunk, dance hall crashers, dark wave, david bowie, dead can dance, death in june, depeche mode, dragonlance, dropkick murphys, dune, edgar allan poe, enya, escaflowne, evanescence, everquest, faery, faith and the muse, fantasy, fight club, final fantasy, flogging molly, forensics, front 242, gaming, good wine, goth, goth/industrial music, guitars, h.r. giger, harry potter, horror, industrial, intellectuals, invader zim, joy division, karma, keyboards, kmfdm, leatherstrip, legendary pink dots, lodoss war, london after midnight, lords of acid, love, malign, meat beat manifesto, ministry, monogamy, morrissey, music, mysteries, myths, neil gaiman, nietzsche, nightmare before xmas, nirvana, nitzer ebb, ohgr, oingo boingo, onimusha, peircings, peter murphy, pigface, poe, poetry, pop will eat itself, poppy z brite, project pitchfork, punk, punk rock, rancid, reading, reading books, record of lodoss war, red lorry yellow lorry, reservoir dogs, risk, robotech, rocky horror picture show, rozz williams, rpg, scifi, sex gang children, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, sid vicious, siouxsie and the banshees, sister machine gun, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, snake river conspiracy, social distortion, switchblade symphony, synth pop, tarot, tarot cards, tattoos, tea, tear garden, terminal choice, the cure, the damned, the legendary pink dots, the smiths, this mortal coil, thoth, thrill kill kult, tre lux, vampire hunter d, vast, velvet acid christ, video games, vnv nation, wolfshiem, writing, xmarksthepedwalk, yu-gi-oh